Thank you for everything

What an incredible weekend!  The second annual Massachusetts Poetry Festival was a great success — but a special thank you to everyone who was involved: poets, presenters, participants, partners, sponsors,  funders, volunteers, and organizers — especially the Organizing Committee, whose leadership, vision, commitment, and energy brought the Festival to life. You can listen to a great interview with Organizing Committee Member and Poetry Festival co-founder Michael Ansara on Christopher Lydon’s Open Source Radio here.

Stay tuned for photos, videos, and more from the festival — and for more details of other poetry events this year. And soon we’ll start the planning for next year’s festival — and we’ll need your help!

Massachusetts is hosting some great upcoming festivals — so be sure to put these on your calendar:

October 23rd and 24th : the Robert Frost Festival in Lawrence.
Saturday October 24th :the Boston Book Festival with Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk, noir writer Dennis Lehane and 75 authors and presenters
October 21 to November 8th is the Concord Festival of Authors with Howard Dean, Jill Hunting, Mitchell Zuckoff and Ellen Langer

For even more Poetry, you can find an incredible 13 episodes (and counting!) from Christopher Lydon’s radio show devoted to poetry: where does poetry come from these days? And where is it going?  The feature is called “Whose words are these?” and the latest installment is from Teresa Cader and the one before that is from Lloyd Schwartz.  Earlier shows include Jill McDonough, Regie Gibson, Franz Wright, Joan Houlihan, Jericho Brown, Ron Slate, Helen Vendler on Wallace Stevens, Rosanna Warren, Sarah Kay, and Stephen Burt.  Listen online, download them to your iPod, and enjoy listening while on your way to work or taking a walk around the neighborhood!