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  1. Hi …

    The festival you-re planning sounds WONDERFUL. …

    It would be a GREAT honor if I could share poetry during the festival. .

    Examples of my work are viewable @ … and
    There is an -audible- sample @
    It was a JOY when I was named CO Dept. of Peace Poet Laureate in Oct. 2009.

    (A -mini- bio:)
    Linda Ohlson Graham is a fine photographer and ecstatic poet who has sailed thousands
    of miles … including the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central and South America.
    She also lived in (1984-93) and co-directed (1984-96) the J.M.W. Turner Museum in Denver, CO.
    Her photography and spiritual writing portray the richness of her life’s experience.

    Comments about my work are viewable @

    Wellfleet on Cape Cod is now my home (:grew up n Worcester … vacationed at Hampton
    Beach, NH summers with my family … then lived on Cape Cod ).


    Linda Ohlson Graham


  2. Regrets that I mis-spelled one of the links in the above message :


    Linda Ohlson Graham