Blog, December 12 — Don McLagan

So What?

Tents gone, ground scraped clean by front-end loaders, posters power-washed from the wall, forty final stalwarts in jail, poets gone home, Dewey Square unoccupied. So what?

So, 99% is no longer a statistic. The Ninety-nine Percent is a cause, it has a constituency and it is part of the national debate across the Internet, TV and newspapers. It is likely to effect the Presidential and Congressional elections next year. It will certainly impact the Senatorial election in Massachusetts.

But, the work is not done. Our leaders are a national embarrassment, bickering while we lack a uniting vision. America deserves better. We need representation and representatives beyond pledges and campaign funds.

It’s time for reform: make the lobby-ownership of Congressmen transparent, split banks too big to fail, tax all of us fairly and cut spending strategically so that Greece, Ireland and Italy are places we can visit and not models for our economic policy.

Business needs the confidence to hire and invest; workers need pride in their work and in their companies; bridges, towns and roads need repair and construction needs to get back to work.

Most of all, one hundred percent of us need a reason to believe in ourselves as one country. What’s next requires poetry as much as politics and economics.


America, America

O beautiful for spacious skies
is broken, lost and out of work
its alabaster cities teem
with tents, dissent and fear.

Our leaders bicker, bought and pledged
embarrassing the patriots’ dream
election more than country love
and party more than right.

Where are courage, statesmanship
a goal that’s worth our sacrifice
a reason we should live with less
and strive for something more?

Give us back America
the land we pledged allegiance to
show us success in nobleness
and make us proud again.



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