South Common Haiku Set by Paul Marion

South Common Haiku Set

by Paul Marion

Red bird in the pine,
a small thing, considering.
Overnight rain due.

Over the low hill
whiff of Owl Diner bacon—
they sell oatmeal, too.

The full empty pool—
acres of after-effects
in the open field.

Who has not looked up
and seen the long white jet trails
that fade in seconds?

Cold morning hotshot.
Glimpse of half-court one-on-none
through the diamond fence.

Not Carl’s cat-feet fog.
More, you can see the park’s breath—
Just this side of mist.


Paul Marion is the author of several collections of poetry, including What Is the City?, and editor of Atop an Underwood: Early Stories and Other Writings by Jack Kerouac. He lives in Lowell, Mass., and works at UMass Lowell.