Volunteers needed for the Mass Poetry Festival


If you are a poet, volunteer

If you are a word weaver, a dream maker, a storyteller,

A poetry enthusiast, literacy advocator, community builder…

If you’re a friend of Calliope, come join us

For we have a festival to create.

Come join!

Come join!

            The Mass Poetry Festival is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help plan and run the 2012 festival. As a nonprofit organization, volunteers are our backbone. Those who are interested in making the festival successful can start now!  A lot of work goes into the planning; from reaching out to local communities to soliciting ads for program books. We currently have about 20 volunteers who are helping us plan. We’re looking for 10-15 more volunteers to help with the initial preparing and organizing. The smoother the execution of the planning, the better the festival.

Mass Poetry is also looking for a plethora of volunteers for the festival itself. Last year’s festival had around 100 excellent people helping out. Beth Moore, one of many hardworking volunteers at Mass Poetry, said of the festival, “It’s an incredible opportunity to get involved in the state’s literary community in a very hands-on way, and to share your poetry with others. There’s a great sense of fulfillment that comes from putting together an event like this, and we want to share that with as many as possible!” Those who do sign up can participate in a wide array of tasks. These can include manning information booths, selling buttons, collecting money, and helping with event set-up. Some people may even oversee other volunteers within specified areas or supervise the checking in of volunteers.

No matter in what jobs,  volunteers will be actively engaged in the statewide poetry community this festival fosters. They will meet other people from all over who have a common appreciation for poetry. As Beth said, “All ages are welcome, as are all levels of experience. More than anything, we want enthusiasm.” So if you find yourself intrigued, don’t hesitate to sign up as a volunteer.