Small press fair: a place to discover and share

As the 2012 Massachusetts Poetry Festival approaches, its volunteers kick into gear. Samantha Milowsky, a Somerville resident and founder of Amethyst Arsenic, is now in charge of organizing the Small Press fair for this year’s festival. In keeping with last year, the 2012 Small Press fair will also include literary magazines. Currently, we have 28 small presses signed up. We’re hoping for around 40 though, so if you’re a small press or literary magazine interested in participating sign up here!

Past festival goers can expect a change in venue. This year’s fair will be held in Museum Place Mall. The change in venue guarantees a more social experience in a larger space convenient for foot traffic. The Mall features a number of cafes and restaurants which poetry browsers can visit for refreshments while they peruse.

The fair is an integral part of the Poetry Festival. It provides a mutually beneficial experience for presses and poets. Presses get the chance to widen their readership by participating, while poets get to meet fellow poetry zealots and purchase exciting works of poetry from Massachusetts! The fair presents the perfect opportunity to engage in the simple act of sharing love for poetry—whether you’re a seller or buyer—we are bound by a deeper appreciation of the craft.

Interested in getting involved behind the scenes? Read more here.