Experiencing Slam Withdrawal?

You’re in luck! In addition to having finalists from Massachusetts’ first LTAB competition, the festival will have an intercollegiate slam competition. This slam has everything: great atmosphere, widely diverse poet performers, DJ Itch 13, poet and host for the night Alex Charalambides.

Five teams will compete to be this year’s slam champions. The returning victors from Salem State will be joined by students from Gordon, Montserrat, and UConn. With teams coming from such different schools, the audience can be assured of a dynamic night.

Salem’s team will be captained by Jackie Kamel. Kamel was on Salem State’s team last year. “I wanted to get it off of the ground again this year because of what we did last year. Our last year’s leader, Shari Caplan, has since graduated. So this year, I felt it was up to me to carry the torch,” Kamel explained. (Shari Caplan is involved in two events of this year’s festival: Song as Poem/Poem as Song, and North Shore Poets in the Round.)

Joining Kamel this year on the Salem team are poets Karl Rozyn, and JD Debski. Debski is also an experienced spoken word poet, while this is Rozyn’s first slam. “Karl was interested in the slam, and I was hesitant at first, because I didn’t know what kind of poet he was, but it turns out…he’s pretty damn good,” Kamel said. “I’m excited to see how my team performs. I’m excited to see the audience’s reaction to our different styles. We are three completely different poets, I can’t emphasize that enough.”

Montserrat College’s team also participated last year. Kamel recalled, “They were pretty decent competition—about as artsy as you could imagine, but edgy. I liked their work and am excited to see what they’ve got going on this year.”

Friday night at 9:30 make your way down to Victoria Station. This event promises to be full of energy!