Celebrating Mass. Poetry Publishers

printing pressMasspoetry.org is beginning a new series to celebrate Massachusetts publishers of poetry. We start by creating a page that gives you an alphabetical list of the publishers, along with what they look for in poems, what they’ve published recently, and how to reach them. The  button will remain in the left column of the site.

We will be updating this list as the publishers send us news of new work or as we discover new Massachusetts presses. We will also present an occasional story on what the people behind these endeavors are doing to advance the art of poetry.

We salute the presses we have and hope you will support them – as they support your own passion for poetry.

A Wealth of Poetry Publishers

Alive as Massachusetts is with history, it is just as bubbling with poetry publishers – with all kinds of publications: books, chapbooks, broadsides, CDs. You’ll find translations, bilingual editions, books devoted to older poets, books devoted to women poets.

You’ll find poems that “manifest emotional power and linguistic prowess,” those that “mythologize the personal,” come from “emerging poets outside of the academy,” books about “the Merrimack River region,” and poems that “blend of urgency of language, imagination, distinctiveness, and craft.” The works include Pulitzer Prize winners, emerging poets, poets in the academy, poets outside the academy. Whatever!

Join us in celebrating the men and women who devote hundreds of hours yearly to making sure you find poems you grow to love.