Thanks to Donors Who Supported Mass Poetry in 2012

Final Mass Poetry logoMore than 200 people made a contribution to Mass Poetry last year. Those donations are the lifeblood that lets us survive and do our work.

Many of you made a donation in honor of someone. Here are the dedications made by our donors throughout 2012:

In honor of Ron Goba

In memory of Muriel and Roy Peseroff

In honor of Hope Meguerian

On behalf of MA – Massachusetts

In honor of all the children on earth

On behalf of Susan Kan & Perugia Press

In honor of Allen R. Grossman

On behalf of My Family

On behalf of Ray Bentley

On behalf of April Gompers

On behalf of Massachusetts

In honor of Miriam Tobin Mand

On behalf of Tiffany Walker

In honor of Miriam Tobin Mand

In honor of Calliope Poetry Readings at West Falmouth Library(ad)

On behalf of Kathleen and Danielle Georges

In honor of Poetry

On behalf of Massachusetts

In honor of Arnie King

In memory of Alan Bloomfield

In memory of Andrew Trestka

On behalf of sheila craig steen

On behalf of Expressive Truth

In honor of Shel Silverstein

In memory of Levon Helm

On behalf of Nancy Feng Liang

In memory of Dolores Parker

In memory of Pam Palmer

In honor of Adrienne Rich & Audre Lorde

On behalf of Jen Melanson

On behalf of Shari Caplan

In memory of Edward B. Temple 2d

On behalf of Joseph Nardoni

In memory of Anson Harris

On behalf of Kent McLeroth

On behalf of Nicole Evans

In honor of

On behalf of Rick, Freddie & Willa Moore + Rose Auslander

On behalf of Peter Hereld

On behalf of Ida Lunde

On behalf of Mass Poetry Festival

In memory of Sylvia Plath

On behalf of New Hampshire

In honor of poetry every where

On behalf of clemens schoenebeck

On behalf of Human Error Publishing

On behalf of Sheila Craig

In memory of Emilio & Angela Amato

In memory of my sister

In memory of my sister

In memory of my grandmother

In memory of Ra Bentley

In memory of Cynthia K. Harris

On behalf of 826 Boston

On behalf of Rachel Parkin

On behalf of anything you need

In honor of Michael Ansara

On behalf of Calliope Poetry Readings at West Falmouth Library

In memory of Isabel Ferguson-Weston MA

On behalf of NJ

On behalf of Beth Moore

On behalf of Mass Leap

On behalf of Andover Bread Loaf

In memory of Ottone Riccio

In memory of Susan Tifft

In honor of Elizabeth Brown

In memory of Joseph Commins

On behalf of Alex Charalambides and The Dirty Gerund

In Memory of James Merrill