Youth Poetry Program (LTAB) Needs Your Help

Louder than a Bomb (LTAB) Massachusetts is a youth poetry program that can change lives. Those that work with the program make that claim because they have seen it happen to young people they’ve worked with. And some of them have felt that change in their own lives as they got involved in Chicago where the program began.

But the program needs your financial help now.

LTAB Massachusetts began last year with 100 students participating. This year’s registration has doubled with 24 communities participating with prelims and semi-finals on May 18th and 19th at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. The finals showcase will take place at the beautiful Boston University Theater, thanks to the Huntington Theater. The program expects a sold out show of 900, doubling the attendance of our inaugural showcase!

But there’s a problem. LTAB lacks the money to secure venues, rent sound equipment, provide workshops, assist lower income communities with transportation and mentors, as well as provide tee shirts and lunch for our festival volunteers. This year’s program will cost about $10,000. Contribute now to the program.

Alex Charalambides

Alex Charalambides

To see why this program is so important to youth in our state, check out what Alex Charalambides, development director & co-coordinator of LTAB Massachusetts, has to say. And while you are reading the story, check out the video that goes along with it.