“Potter” by Joan A. W. Kimball

Her son acquires a wheel
throws his own bowl
plays his own theme
with spoons on its rim.

She attends
when he floats odd
ribbons of greeting.

The clouds in her sky
race only for her.

She knuckles memory
into a bowl
fires and glazes it
plays her own tune.

At night when earth turns
past day’s blue shimmer
they watch the same stars.

An earlier version, called “Son,”
pub. 2006 in Perihelion.

Joan A. W. Kimball

Joan A. W. Kimball

Joan Kimball began submitting poems to journals in 2003. Her poems have been published in Perihelion, Iambs and Trochees, Raintown Review, Avocet, Aurorean, The Listening Eye, Thema, Spare Change News, and other places. A retired librarian, she writes book reviews for Library Media Connection. She is a member of poetry writing groups in Concord and Wayland. She is also a member of the poetry performing group that calls itself “X. J. Kennedy and the Light Brigade.”