Mom Egg Review Presents 20 Poets in November 2 Reading

Mom Egg logoOn Saturday, November 2 at 1:30 PM Mom Egg Review will present 20 poets in a reading at the Červená Barva Press Studio in Somerville. As an indication of the spirit and energy of the affair, Mom Egg is calling it Mass Mayhem.

The poets include several women who have worked closely with the Massachusetts Poetry Festival over the years. In alphabetical order, they are:

Carol Berg
Louise Berliner
Debbie Blicher
Fay Chiang
Lori Desrosiers
Kathy Handley
Jennifer Jean
Danielle Jones-Pruett
Dorian Kotsiopoulos
Aparna Mani
Tara Masih
Colleen Michaels
Jaqui Morton
January G. O’Neil
Eve Packer
Kyle Potvin
Denise Provost
Laura Rodley
Rosie Rosensweig
Nancy Vona

The MC is Marjorie Tesser.

The Červená Barva Press Studio is in Basement Room B8 on191 Highland Avenue, Somerville, in the Center For The Arts At The Armory. Each poet will read three minutes.