2014 Festival Stories, Videos and Audio

This page contains a link to all the stories, videos and audios from the 2014 Festival

Stories and schedule of the 2014 Festival

Here are all the stories you have seen on this site about the 2014 Festival. And here is a link to the Festival schedule.

We also have an audio clip of a workshop and two video clips from the Festival.


Spivack and Clawson

Spivack and Clawson

Doug Holder, Moderator of the Poets in the Asylum” panel at this year’s Festival, provides us with a direct link to a MP3 audio file of Kathleen Spivack as she speaks of her experiences with Robert Lowell, and Bob Clawson talks about his experiences with Anne Sexton. Both poets spent time at McLean’s Hospital. Here’s the clip.

Kim A


Timothy Gager picked Kim Addonizio up at the airport and brought her to the Festival. On the way he interviewed er. Here on YouTube is the video.


Lloyd SchwartzAnd here’s another clip of Lloyd Schwartz reading his poem “The Conductor.” Lloyd, who is a Pulitzer Prize winning critic, conducted a session called “…That rarest category of talents: a poet-critic.” Here is his poem, which is based on an earlier prose review of a conductor’s performance.


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