Mass Poetry Plans for 2014

We may be stuck in a deep freeze, but Mass Poetry is heating up! Here’s an update on some of the exciting plans we have for 2014…

Common Threads

lisa olsteinIn March 2014, just in time for National Poetry Month, Common Threads will release this year’s selection: ten poems that guest editor Lisa Olstein felt “embody and reflect upon and sometimes even answer the kinds of urges and imperatives we experience.” As always, the complete kit will include poet bios, videos, discussion questions, and writing prompts: everything you need to successfully facilitate group discussions of one or more of the selected poems.To be notified as soon as Common Threads 2014 is released, please fill out this form.

Gearing up for the festival

Forrest GanderSessions have been chosen for the 2014 Massachusetts Poetry Festival, May 2-4 in Salem, and the schedule will be up soon! In the meantime, learn more about globe-trotting headliner Forrest Gander, who says, “in an age of spectacle, the young are still drawn to poetry, the anti-spectacle.”

Interested in volunteering at the festival? Sign up here.

Student Day of Poetry 2014 is fast approaching!

1,000+ students are signed up from more than 25 schools. More than 30 poets are ready to inspire, delight, challenge, and teach. Friday, March 21st at UMass Boston, it all goes down! You know the headline poets by now–it’s time to get to know some of our brilliant workshop leaders, starting with Sam Cha, Sam Charecent UMass Boston MFA graduate and two-time recipient of the Academy of American Poets Prize.

To volunteer at Student Day of Poetry, sign up here.

What else are we up to?

In early March, we’ll be taking a mini Student Day of Poetry to Pyne Arts Magnet School in Lowell. Our December in-school Student Day of Poetry at Newburyport High School was a huge success, and we are thrilled to take performances and workshops on the road once again! You can read an article about the NHS SDOP here, see the line-up here, and view photos here.

Just last week we moved into our first office: a shared space with the The Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston, MASSCreative, and StageSource, nestled in Boston’s Innovation District. We are thrilled to be in such wonderful company.

Communities for poets in Massachusetts

poets socializingIn a society where the average person isn’t going to launch into an in-depth discussion of the latest poems in The New Yorker, poets need a place where they can kick back in the company of people who will. Find out more about poetry communities across Massachusetts, places where you can get involved and grow as you swap opinions, likes and dislikes, enthusiasms, poems, and new ideas.