Donate to Poetry on the T and Help Create a Bandwagon Effect

Poetry on the TMass Poetry has placed poems on Green Line and Red Line trolleys and subway cars for two months — three poems each month. Check them out.  Since we have to pay for the advertising space and the printing, Mass Poetry has a crowd-funding campaign with Indiegogo coming up May 15, and we would love for you to be involved. We really want to keep poems on the MBTA. 

Indiegogo1The money we raise will help us keep poems in the ad space on the T for the rest of the summer months. But we want this to be a year-round program, so we are going to crowd-fund for the remainder of the summer, and then use the momentum from that campaign to show longer-term and large sponsors that the public is really interested.  To do that, we need the support of all our followers!

We want the first day to create a bandwagon effect

The first day of the campaign is critical, as it creates buzz and shows others that this is a project worth donating to. It creates the bandwagon for others to jump on. Can we count on each of you to donate a little on the first day of the campaign, May 15? It doesn’t need to be a lot–$10 each would do the trick.

Check out the story we did earlier with Laurin Macios, Mass Poetry Program Director. We want everyone to understand the importance of this program.