Workshops for Your Donation to Our Poetry on the T Campaign

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Jill and LloydWe have new incentives for you to contribute to our Poetry on the T program: pick the workshop you want and the donation is the registration. The workshops are: “Super Writing Fun Time” with Jill Mcdonough and “Reading Your Own Work Out Loud” with Lloyd Schwartz. 

  • Super Writing Fun Time — a workshop with Pushcart Prize winner Jill McDonough
    Freewriting is an old trick: set a timer, write whatever comes into your head, and sift through it for gold. This workshop will be built around freewriting—excavations of your subconscious and conscious thoughts—to spark and develop detailed assignments for longer, more polished work. We will work together to construct these assignments, to help you get at what you want to write, your style, your voice, and the form that best expresses those. Individualized assignments will help you combine and expand your freewrites into poems you can be proud of.  Thursday, June 12,  7 p.m. – 9 p.m.  15 Channel Center Street, Suite 103, Boston
  • Reading Your Own Work Out Loud — a workshop with radio commentator and Pulitzer Prize winner Lloyd Schwartz
    In the literary world today, writers often reach a wider audience through readings and live performances than through publication. Yet most writers are not trained to read their works aloud. Even well known writers may read mechanically, monotonously, with too little—or too much—expression. In this workshop, participants discuss what makes a good reading and explore the wide range of successful reading styles. They each read one of their own poems or a passage of prose as if they were giving a public presentation, then get feedback from the class under the guidance of the instructor (who is an experienced actor, director, and radio commentator as well as a poet and Pulitzer Prize-winning critic). The students “work through” to a livelier, more effective reading as they deepen their understanding of their own work.   Thursday, June 12,  7 p.m. – 9 p.m.  15 Channel Center Street, Suite 103, Boston

These workshops are limited to 25 people. The meeting place is the new office of Mass Poetry at 15 Channel Center Street in Boston.

Our record so far

On May 22, we were a third of the way through our campaign, and we have raised 37% of the funds needed to keep Poetry on the T all summer. Don’t miss the chance to be a funder of this inspiring program. And remember: we will be using the momentum of this successful campaign to show large, long-term sponsors that the public wants Poetry on the T! Together, we can turn this project into a lasting program.

Thank you for your support of this important emerging program!

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