Closing In on Deadline for Poetry on the T Fundraiser!

 Donate now to replace ads with poems on the MBTA.

A word from Michael Ansara, Co-founder of Mass Poetry.

Michael AnsaraAs of this morning (June 3), we have raised $6,635 dollars–74% of our goal, and certainly no small feat. Every donation and share has helped get us there, and we are grateful and encouraged; this is something that can only be done for the community by the community, and that’s part of what makes it so special. But we still currently need to raise $2,365 to make it happen, and we have seven days in which to do it. 

If you support Poetry on the T, you likely have friends you do, too. If each of us reached out this week to 10 friends, asking them to donate even $10, we would blow through out goals before the week is out, keeping Poetry on the T running all summer, and showing large, long-term sponsors that Boston cares.

We ask you to reach out with this message: “If you like the idea of poems in place of ads on the MBTA, I hope you will join me at and make whatever donation you can. Even $10 will help keep this program alive. Let’s inspire Boston together.”

Only a handful of spots left in our Summer Studio workshops!

Jill and LloydAs a $30 donation incentive on Indiegogo, these Summer Studio workshops at our office in Fort Point, Boston are win-win-win situations!

Excavate your subconscious and conscious thoughts in Jill McDonough’s “Super Writing Fun Time,” Thursday, July 12, 7-9 p.m. Only 10 spots left.

Work toward a livelier, more effective reading in Lloyd Schwartz’s “Reading Your Own Work Aloud,” Tuesday, July 17, 7-9 p.m. Only 11 spots left.


Incentive spotlight:

This poster of “Marathon” by Nick Flynn, featured on the T in April, can be yours for a $100 donation.

Nick Flynn, "Marathon"

Nick Flynn, “Marathon”


Thank you for your support of this important emerging program!

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Videos on the importance of Poetry on the T

Nicco Mele videoMass Poetry co-founder Nicco Mele, on how seeing a poem on the NYC subway years ago changed his life.





Joseph Legaspi video

Joseph O. Legaspi reads his poem [What Travels], featured on the T in April, and talks about what he finds inspiring about the subway