Complete List of Poems of the Moment (2)

Besides the list below we have published numerous other poems by Massachusetts poets or by our headline poets at each year’s Massachusetts Poetry Festival. If you don’t see the poem you are looking for below, check out our earlier list.


Kim Addonizio:  What Do Women Want?

Justen Ahren: Gone

Lorna Knowles Blake: Sisters

Lucie Brock-Broido:  Freedom of Speech

J. Lorraine Brown:  The Elk

Lucile Burt:  Someone Loved Returning

Rafael Campo:  Iatrogenic

Robert Clawson:  Grappling

Karen Chase:  Hilling with My Love

Maggie Cleveland:  The Machinery of Apology

Steven Cramer: from Clangings

Jarita Davis:  Defining the Morna

Oliver de la Paz: How I Learned Quiet

Carol Ann Duffy:  Peggy Guggenheim

Cornelius Eady: A Poet Forgets His Library

Rhina P. Espaillat: Bra 

Howard Faerstein:  Reentry

David Ferry:  October

Peter Filkins: The Broken Piano

Forrest Gander: The Moment When Your Name is Pronounced

Kathryn Hanson Foster:  Mill City

Marie Gauthier: Motherless

Danielle Legros Georges:  A Dominican Poem

Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.: In the Hills

Gregory Hischak:  The Hour’s Poem

Meg Kearney:  Carnal

Li-Young Lee:  Have You Prayed?

Philip Levine:  Let Me Begin Again

Sarah Levine: Sleigh of Geese

Laurin Macios: At The Balcony Window, Slid Open

Colleen Michaels:  Daily Record, 1943-1993

Christopher Millis:  Ceremony

Wendy Mnookin: At Sea

Leah Nielsen:  Alabama Love Song

Ralph Pennel: Planning Our Departure

Marge Piercy: The tao of touch

Lawrence Raab: The Sirens

Susan Rich: Cloud Pharmacy

Anna Ross: Self-Portrait with Catastrophe

Wesley Rothman:American Enfield

Aimee Sands: Gangle and Boot

Robin Smith-Johnson: On Considering Eye Surgery

Sue Standing: Palladian

Ann Taylor:  The Frog Prince

Sheila Whitehouse: Artie Shaw on Clarinet

Irene Willis: Reminder

C.D. Wright: Everything Good between Men and Women

Check out our list of earlier poems.

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