In-School Student Day of Poetry

Mass Poetry offers In-School Student Days of Poetry for middle schools and high schools, in which we take Statewide Student Day of Poetry on the road directly into students’ familiar assembly halls and classrooms. The schedule and costs for the day are flexible, and can be tailored to what’s best for each school.

A typical In-School SDOP follows a schedule similar to Statewide SDOP, opening with a poetry sampler by workshop leaders in the school assembly hall or gym, followed by workshops in classrooms, and culminating in a headline performance with three acclaimed poets and an open mike.

The number of students involved in workshops can range from a class or two to the entire school, and we can offer additional elements such as a survey course on contemporary poetry, a history of spoken word, or teacher PD, to name a few.

For an example of what we do in schools, check out the event website for our 2013 In-School Student Day of Poetry at Newburyport High School. According to student surveys, as a direct result of the Newburyport In-School SDOP, the number of students interested in reading poetry increased from 34% to 70%, and the number of students interested in writing poetry increased from 44% to 64%.

Here is a story we did in the aftermath of the very successful day:

Newburyport HS’s Day-Long Pep Rally for Poetry

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