Massachusetts Publishers of Poetry

Massachusetts is lucky to have a number of presses that publish poetry. Not only are we wealthy in presses, but the presses are diverse in what they look for in poetry as well as the type of publication — full book, chapbook, broadsides, translations,  CDs — they produce.

Support your local poetry institutions and buy locally. The presses are listed in alphabetical order below. Check them out.

 Adastra Press

Begun in 1979 by poet, teacher, and printer, Gary Metras, to produce with antique methods and equipment short collections of quality contemporary poetry using the highest standards of typography and printing. All books, chapbooks and broadsides are, thusly, crafted by hand limited editions. The type is hand-set, that is, each letter, mounted on a piece of metal, is set in place one at a time, the same process as Gutenberg’s “movable type” of the fifteenth century. The printing process is letterpress with  paper gathered and folded by hand, and all binding is sewn by hand, with a few titles offset and perfect bound. Through 2012, 96 titles by 59 poets (from Alaska to New Hampshire, Michigan to Florida) have been published. Distributed Small Press Distribution, Inc. In 2006 Adastra Press was chosen over Farrah Straus & Giroux as Poetry Publisher of the Year by The Contemporary Poetry Review. “As long as fine literary presses continue to handcraft handsome books like these from Adastra, serious readers of the twenty-first century can rest assured, the book is alive and well,”—American Book Review.

Recent Titles include:

  • If I Take You Here, Martha Carlson-Bradley
  • Check Points, Michael Casey
  • God Particles, Thomas Lux
  • A Cup of Water Turns into a Rose, Lawrence Raab
  • Purgatory Chasm, Susan Edwards Richmond


Gary Metras, Adastra Press, 16 Reservation Road, Easthampton, MA 01027

Anabiosis Press:

publishes the winner of the annual Anabiosis Press Chapbook Contest, ongoing since 1991.  Poets published by the Anabiosis Press exhibit a heightened sensitivity toward language, which manifests emotional power and linguistic prowess.  Chapbooks have an overall thematic focus, and themes cover a wide variety of topics.  Winners from the last five years include the following titles:

  To learn more and order books, go to

Black Ocean:

publishes volumes that inspire us with a sense of dread and awe. A number of our award-winning authors are also known for their work in prose poetry, surrealism, and genre-bending narratives that mythologize the personal. Our latest books are:

To learn more and order books, go to

Broadsided Press:

publishes monthly collaborations between writers and visual artists.  Founded in 2005, our mission is to put literature and art on the streets, and to that end our distribution is grass-roots and our publications are free. Vectors print the letter-sized pdfs and post them in their community bus stops, notice boards, utility poles, etc.  We look for clear, evocative, short writing that will capture the attention of “everyman,” poet or not, in the midst of a busy day. We’ve published the following poets:

  • Established poets : Jane Hirshfield, Mary Jo Bang, Jericho Brown, and Robert Wrigley
  • New poets: Sean Prentiss, Dolan Morgan, and Emma Sovich.

Learn more and order books at

Hedgerow Books of Levellers Press

After The Dust Bowl, hedgerows were grown to mitigate damage done by big agriculture. Now, in our era of big publishing, Hedgerow Books is nurturing the significant talent of poets from Western Massachusetts. The literary tradition runs deep here, from Jonathan Edwards to Richard Wilbur, Jack Gilbert, and many other treasured poets. “There is something special happening,” says Steve Strimer, who started Hedgerow Books in the spirit of City Lights Book Store, to bring regional artists to national attention. Here is a list of poets and their works:
 To learn more and order books, go to:

Ibbetson Street Press:

was founded in 1998 in Somerville by Doug Holder, Richard Wilhelm, and Dianne Robitaille. We have published over 60 poetry titles.We specialize in publishing emerging poets outside of the academy. We also put out a literary magazine Ibbetson Street twice a year. The press is now affiliated with Endicott College. Some recent poets we published in our magazine (as well as books) are Sam Cornish, Afaa Michael Weaver, Dennis Daly, Zvi A. Sesling, Richard Hoffman, Philip Burnham, Jr., and others. Books published include:

  • Shorelines by Philip Burnham Jr.
  • The Custom House by Dennis Daly
  • Dead Beats by Sam Cornish

To buy books go to  or

Loom Press:

publications emphasize authors and subjects from the Merrimack River region of New England. Recent book include:

  • “Bridge Street at Dusk” by Tom Sexton (poems of Lowell and Maine by a former Poet Laureate of Alaska
  • “Spirits Dancing Into Light” by Judith Dickerman-Nelson (poems in English and Khmer about the experiences of Cambodian Americans)
  • “Mid Drift” by Kate Hanson Foster (selected by the Massachusetts Center for the Book as one of the state’s best poetry books of 2011).

 Learn more and order books at    Loom Press, P.O. Box 1394, Lowell, MA 01853

Off the Grid:

publishes the best poetry by poets over 60.  We run one contest a year and publish one book a year.

  •  Coyote Bush by Peter Nash
  • Dollhouse by Elaine Teranova (forthcoming)

Learn more and order books from

Paris Press:

publishes daring and beautiful literature by women writers that has been overlooked by mainstream and independent publishers. The Press sponsors educational programs for students, teachers, and the general public throughout MA and the U.S. The Life of Poetry by Muriel Rukeyser serves as the backbone of Paris Press, encouraging all Americans to live with poetry and the arts at the center of our lives to help us be more sensate and compassionate human beings. We encourage readers and writers to speak truthfully about society and the human heart through our books, readings, workshops, Study and Reader’s Guides.  Our poets include
  • Muriel Rukeyser (The Life of Poetry, Houdini: A Musical, The Orgy)
  • Ruth Stone, National Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Award-winner (Simplicity, Ordinary Words, and Look to the Future: Ruth Stone Reads from Simplicity and Ordinary Words)
  • Adrian Oktenberg, Northampton, MA-based poet(The Bosnia Elegies)
  • Emily Dickinson (Open Me Carefully: Emily Dickinson’s Intimate Letters to Susan Huntington Dickinson)
  • Jan Freeman, Ashfield, MA-based poet (Simon Says and Autumn Sequence)
  • The Press recently released its first anthology of poetry and prose, Sisters: An Anthology, with poetry by Jane Hirshfield, Audre Lorde, Maxine Kumin, Rita Dove, Marilyn Chin, and others.

To learn more about Paris Press and our books, please visit: visit purchase Paris Press books for yourself and others, visit: or find us at your local or online bookseller.

Perugia Press:

publishes one collection of poetry each year, by a woman at the beginning of her publishing career. Our mission is to produce beautiful books that interest long-time readers of poetry and welcome those new to poetry. We also aim to celebrate and promote poetry whenever we can.  Our latest books are:

For more information and to order books, visit

Provincetown Arts Press

has published 27 journals and 26 books in 28 years.  Christopher Busa is founding editor of the press, which is a nonprofit publisher of the annual journal Provincetown Arts, monographs on distinguished older artists, and first books of poetry by new poets. Its magazine has received numerous national awards for writing (Best American Essays, Best American Poetry, Best American Movie Writing, Best American Short Stories, and three Pushcart Prizes).

Here is a list of first books by poets with individual voices

  • Volume I — Rival Heavens by Keith Althaus
    Frontispiece by Susan Baker $15 paper
  • Volume II — 1990 by Michael Klein
    Frontispiece by Bob Bailey $15 paper
  • Volume III — Euphorbia by Anne-Marie Levine
    Frontispiece by Elise Asher $15 paper
  • Volume IV — At the Gate by Martha Rhodes
    Frontispiece by Richard Baker $15 paper
  • Volume V — on her face the light of la luna by Mairym Cruz-Bernal
    Frontispiece by Michelle Weinberg $15 paper
  • Volume VI — Slow burn by Ellen Dudley
    Frontispiece by Paul Bowen $15 paper
  • Volume VII — Fifth Season by David Matias
    Frontispiece by Polly Burnell $15 paper
  • Volume VIII – My Father’s shoes by Peter Saunders
    Frontispiece by Linda Saunders $20 paper
  • Volume IX — silent no more: Unlocking Voices of Older Poets
    edited by Peter Saunders $20 paper

Among the distinguished poets Provincetown Arts Magazine has honored over the years are Stanley Kunitz, Mark Doty, Mary Oliver, Eileen Myles, Alan Dugan , Gail Mazur, and Robert Pinsky.

For more on the wide range of publications by Provincetown Press, check their web site.

Slate Roof:

is a member-run press established in 2004 and committed to publishing Massachusetts and regional poets.  We publish limited-edition, art-quality chapbooks, which are designed by the poets and printed by member and master printer Ed Rayher of Swamp Press, Northfield, MA.  We pay careful attention to typography, paper choice, and binding, and our letterpress book covers feature the artwork of local artists.

Current books are:

Tupelo Press:

looks for a blend of urgency of language, imagination, distinctiveness, and craft. What we produce and how we produce it — from design to printing to paper quality — honors the writing in books which boast the uniquely sensual look and feel of a Tupelo Press book. Our latest books are:

For more information and to order books:

Zephyr Press:

is a non-profit independent literary press whose titles foster a deeper understanding of cultures and languages from around the world. We focus on literature in translation, particularly from Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. Most of our books are bilingual. Some of our latest books are:

For more information and to order books, visit


  1. How do I get my press Ring of Bone Press listed? It is based in Ipswich, MA and has just published its first title – Wild Women of Lynn, Writings From the Walnut Street Coffee Cafe, which is a poetry collection featuring five local women poets. The second book, Mad Men of Lynn, Further Writings From the Walnut Street Coffee Cafe featuring five local men poets. The mission of the press is to bring “The American Voice” to the reader by publishing the work of local under-discovered poets. Thanks, Blaine Hebbel, Publisher Ring of Bone Press

  2. Hi Blaine, Please get in touch with me at I’ll make sure we add your press to our list.


  1. […] to celebrate Massachusetts publishers of poetry. We start by creating a page that gives you an alphabetical list of the publishers, along with what they look for in poems, what they’ve published recently, and how to reach them. […]

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