For Educators

The lists below will help teachers who want to make poetry sparkle in their classrooms.

See what is in store for Student Day of Poetry, 2012.

Spoken word and literacy empowerment programs

Tips on teaching poetry

  • MassLEAP Collective is a network of artists, educators, and students working together to create a vibrant youth poetry community in Greater Boston. Sponsored by Mass Poetry, it connects teaching artists with schools and other organizations to help provide opportunities for youth in the Commonwealth.
  • Poetry 180, sponsored by the Library of Congress, provides a poem a day, especially selected for high school students.
  • The Academy of American Poets provides resources, lesson plans, and tips for teaching poetry. Plus they have a wonderful teacher’s forum where teachers can discuss their experiences and browse hundreds of ideas and questions teachers have about teaching poetry.
  • Poetry Out Loud, sponsored by the Poetry Foundation and the National Endowment of the Arts,  encourages the oral expression of poetry and sponsors an annual contest for the best recitation of a poem by a high school student.  It also provides a teacher’s guide to getting students involved.

Publications and contests for high school students

  • lists dozens of sites that publish poetry written by high school students. In addition the site lists contests designed for students. The contest includes essays and fiction as well as poetry.
  • Winning Writers also lists resources for students.
  • Angelfire  lists resources for students who want to publish.
  • Student Publishing Program sponsored by Lexington High School gives secondary students the skills and the confidence to publish.

 Stories we’ve published on teacher programs


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